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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 11, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it out. claudia? >> reporter: the coast guard boats were in the potomac behind me. about four of them. the coast guard said it was a planned training mission. that mission caused a whole lot of confusion. now, the coast guard is investigating. this was the scene this morning on the potomac between memorial and 49th street bridges. four coast guard boats, guns drawn circling the area and with a 9/11 memorial taking place across the river at the pentagon, it quickly fanned fears among those here. >> we did see it. we asked each other, what is going on over, there you know what, are they doing. >> reporter: the coast guard said this was a pre-planned low- profile exercise. one of the coast guard's top commanders said someone overheard their radio communications and misunderstood what was going on and that led to ble news reports of gun fire on the potomac. >> during that exercise, they were discussing their tactics, their training as they normally
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do on channel 81, which is a marine frequency, a discrete coast guard channel that apparently was intercepted by a member of the public their discussions were taken out of contact. >> reporter: vice admiral courier said no shots were fired and no weapons loaded. >> part of t protocol in the training is verbalization of gun fire and orders between the boats simulating what we would normally do if we were intercepting a suspect vessel. that bang, bang was verbalized on the radio. >> reporter: the coast guard said during the training exercises, local, state and federal authorities are not notified. as far as why an event like this would take place on the anniversary of september 11th, vice admiral courier said an investigation is underway. >> we will look at our procedures and our timing of the exercise. >> reporter: the events led to the grounding of flights at
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reagan international airport for 20 minutes today. reporting live along the banks of the potomac river, claudia coffey, fox 5 news. back to you. >> all right, we want to know what you think. we're posting this web poll tonight. do you think the coast guard should have trained on the potomac on 9/11? log on and click on the story headline to cast your vote. in his first 9/11 observance since being warn is into office, president obama joined victim's families at the pentagon this morning. the pentagon memorial was dedicated on 9/11 one year ago and today's ceremony was a simple one, holding deep meaning for the relatives of those who died. tom fitzgerald w there. >> the eight years have passed in the blue skies over the pentagon of september 11th 2001, replaced by a gray, rainy day on friday. >> i myself remember the shutter -- shodert and smoke, the shipmate i lost and how the
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whole world changeed that day. >> reporter: on the first 9/11 since it was open, the pentagon memorial was the scene of a service commemorations -- commemorating the 184 lives that were lost. >> today, we honor the dead and speak to the survivors and loved ones whose lives are irrevokeibly changeed on that paya -- terrible day eight years ago >> reporter: it was 9:37 in the morning when american airlines flight 77 bound for los angeles but hijacked after takeoff from dulles airport crashed into the west side of the pentagon. 59 people die on the plane, 125 on the ground. >> at this sacr hour, once more we pause, once more we pray. >> reporter: in his first 9/11 commemoration as commander of chief, president obama told the audience of victims' families the nation stands with them united in grief. and you your families no words
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can ease the ache of your hearts. no deeds can fill the empty places in your home. >> reporter: the pentagon today showed few sinces of the attack. the damaged portion has been rebuilt but a single stone blackened from the fires is inscribed september 11th, 2001. the family members say it's one of the reasons this memorial is a vital reminder of that day. >> it's really important for me to make sure that everyone remembers 9/11 and we teach the children who weren't here, weren't born on 9/11. >> keeping the memory of my dad alive and the sacrifices he madefor his country. >> reporter: a country forever now focused on one day in september. at the pentagon, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. 72 law enforcement officers were called -- killed in the 9/11 attacks. today, they were remembered in a serb special way at the law enforcement officer's memorial in washington. their names are inscribed on this wall and read aloud in
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this wreath laying. 71 of the officers were killed at the world trade center and the other officer was on the united flight 93. the crash in shankville, pennsylvania. hundreds gathered in new york and in shanksville for their own memorials in a remote field in pennsylvania. mourners huled to remember thepa0 s ss gersand crew who died when flight 93 went down. there at gund zero, the crowds stood in the rain to remember the thousands who died, some held photos of the loved ones they lost and others simply left roses floating as a silent contradict. fox's rick leventhal has more on those remarks. >> reporter: bagpipers and drummers escort the world trade center flag to the memorial site near ground zero. hundreds gathering in the rain to pay tribute to the thousands of people who died 8 years ago when terrorists shook new york city to its core. mayor michael bloomberg marked a moment the first plane struck
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the north tower. >> it's the sacred duty of the lying to carry within us the memories of those we lost and while there is pain in remembering the loss, there is sweetness in remembering their lives. >> john t. bergen. and my husband, vin since d'amadeo, our four boys miss you very much. >> reporter: another bell marks the moment when the south tower was hit. vice president joe biden offering comforting words from a poem. >> in our joys and in our sorrows, we know we belong to one another. tell me about the spare, yours, and i will tell you mine, wrote the poet mary oliver . >> reporter: as the ceremony carried on here in lower manhattan, a similar scene played out in western pennsylvania at a remote field in shanksville.
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>> lorain g. bay. >> reporter: hundreds of locals, loved ones and dignitaries making the trip to the site where united flight 93 crashed. >> if they had any chance of survival, they had to attack not only to save themselves but to save hundreds if not thousands of their fellow citizens and is to to show the terrorists that they would never defeat us. >> reporter: across the nation and the world remembering what happened this day eight years ago and how it's changed the nation forever. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. >> our coverage of the 9/11 anniversary continues throughout the hour. still ahead, eight years since the attack. where is osama bin laden? plus, we'll take to you a local middle school honoring a acher and student lost in the tragedy. and how hundreds dedicated this day to helping others in our community. police in prince georges county are trying to track down the
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driver in a deadly hit and run. happened last night on route 450. the police say the driver hit and killed the pedestrian and kept on going. john henrehan has that story. >> reporter: emergency workers completely blocked the westbound direction in busy annapolis road in lanham after 8 last night to investigate the circumstances of how a pedestrian was struck by a motorist who then did not stop. >> i heard a loud screech and then i heard a bank. almost sounded like it was hitting another car. our lady across the street screaming oh, my god. >> reporter: an ambulance arrived within three minutes but the pedestrian was declared dead at a local hospital. the 36-year-old perez lived on northbound jefferson street a mile away. >> did the striking car stop? >> no. [ indiscernible ] clocked everyone. the street was in -- car was in the street and the car was gone. >> reporter: a witness to the incident came to a local police station later and furnished some details.
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but the details were not enough for investigators to identify who the grief -- driver was. the victim attempted to cross the multilane roadway between intersections, although the posted speed limit here is 35 miles per hour, traffic generally moves here above that limit. police believe the striking car was some kind of chrysler product, probably damaged to the left-front headlight. the police posted a reward for information leading to the arrest of the driver who killed jose perez and left the scene. in lanham, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> prince georges county police sea you can remain anonymous and still be eligible for the reward and you can find the phone number for the crime solvers tipline on our website, a watermain break is making a mess of traffic in the district right now. the bane burst this afternoon on 16th and b street northwest. the crews are still working at this hour to get it fixed through the evening rush, two northbound lanes and one southbound lane will remain
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open on 16th street. tonight, a mystery is unfolding at one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. a graduate student is missing, her purse and keys left behind. coming up, the eerie article she wrote before vanishing. also ahead, a year since this woman was arrested for killing her daughters and stuffing them in her freezer. we're learning disturbing new details about the hidden terror in this quiet community. will that star-studded tribute to michael jackson ever happen? why organizers could be pulling the plug on the concert next. are you ready for it? one of the biggest shopping days of the year might be a couple of months away. we have a sneak look at black friday's best sales. thank you. a lot of rain out there. we have to talk about whether or not it's going to stick with us through the weekend.the fore is coming up. laura. and we'll see you soon. keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 is getting started. 
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>> we're learning more about the maryland mother accused of killing her daughters and putting their bodies in a freezer. renee bowman pleaded guilty to child abuse charges. meantime, fox 5 uncovered new information about the house where her daughter's bodies were found. beth parker has those details. >> is there anything you want to say? >> no. we can talk to my attorney. sorry you had to drive all the way down here. hope you get a good picture.
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>> reporter: 44-year-old renee bowman arrived at the courthouse to plead guilty to the charge of first-degree child abuse. that is by no means the most serious charge she faces. this is an absolute house of horrors for her. >> reporter: she's accused of murdering two of her daughter when the family lived in montgomery county. the investigators said she then moved to calvert county, the girl's bodies were found in the freezer of their home. >> the house was filthy, flea- ridden. >> reporter: the situation came to light when a third sister was found wandering the neighborhood. the neighbors found the girl and showed her great kindness. the doctor said she had 80 injuries, including broken bones and human bite marks. >> there was one particular part of it that was the most, a small closet in the hallway. inside at the billion a small handprint in blood. >> reporter: the prosecutor said that was the blood of the surviving daughter.
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because there is a plea agreement, this case will not go to trial and that means the little girl who survived won't have to testify. >> she's afraid of that. i think, frankly, through therapy that she would have been strong enough to have done that. i just do not know what the psychological damage has been to her afterwards. >> reporter: bowman's public defender said bowman doesn't agree with everything said in court but declined to elaborate on that. she could get 25 years for the child abuse charge. she returns to montgomery county to face murder charges there. in calvert county, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the medical examiner determined they died of asphyxiation and their bodies found last september. on camera, a man accused of being a cross-country bank bandit. there he is. investigators believe his name is chad earl schaffner. minutes after stopping in this illinois convenience store, he robbed caseyville's only bank. investigators asked the local businesses to check their
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surveillance tapes in case. the convenience store owner didn't know who he was looking for but one guy stood out. >> mi idsaaybe he was the guy and i called the police department to try to let the chief come up and look at it and he came in and said there, he's the guy. >> suspected of robbing banks in north carolina, south carolina, kentucky, tennessee, indiana and illinois the last four months. security cameras and search dogs part of an intense hunt for a yale university student. the 24-year-old annie li is supposed to get married on sunday and hasn't been seen in days. the police found her purse, credit card, the keys in her school lab but no signs of her. tom lewis has details. >> reporter: this is the last- known image of annie lee entering a yale research lab on tuesday morning. she hasn't been seen since and today, investigators feared the worse, combing through arby dumpsters for any clue or any sign of whereabouts.
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>> and first, i was really shocked. naturally then, came to the point they am like how can this be and i was actually really scared and not too extremely sad about -- for her, because it's a very weird situation she's been missing. >> she was preparing to get married this weekend. there are no signs of her or her fiance at her lawrence street apartment. >> at first, we thought okay, maybe she ran away from the wedding, and then 48 hours, it's more than 48 hours and nobody's seen her after that and it's kind of scary now. >> reporter: the fbi was brought in and canine units worked the perimeter of the building she was last spotted in. investigators looking into whether her research may have played a role in her disappearance. >> she's a graduate student in farmer -- from ecology department and so she's basically doing some mouse work to do some research to use the
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animals. >> reporter: sources tell fox 61 that one of her classes was quickly cancelled shortly after she disappeared and that one of the professors was questioned. right now, the focus is on finding the 24-year-old yale student who seemed to vanish into thin air. >> she saw a student like me and i feel extremely bad about it. this is a severe situation. she's been missing for over 48 hours. that was tom lewis reporting. earlier this year, she wrote a magazine article about how to stay safe around the yale campus. a 13-year-old minnesota boy's court-ordered chemotherapy is over. in fact, doctors say his treatment is successful, he no longer needs chemo. you might remember, he ran away with his mother after the judge ordered them to get the treatment and they returned home days later. after the treatment, the tumor in his lung is no longer visible on x rays. >> i am done. i am happy ohmdone.
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i wouldn't say a hero. >> would you say you're a fighter? yeah. >> his parents aren't denying the treatments have worked. they also credit a strict diet and vitamin supplements for his success. a rainy, dreary friday. not a great way to start the weekend. >> not at all. can we expect better weather for saturday and sunday? gary mcgrady has more details. >> reporter: that is the question, is it? we're trying to figure out if the area of low pressure is going to -- going to cooperate and get out of here in time for id et's show youfuenek let's sw you he stvyrseaweho r. ra the heavy showers throughout th ugro tphe day pretty much gone now and still light rain ut falling from the district to thertnoh noand montgomery county, frederick county and howard county and baltimore county, too, picking up good rain now and not happy like what we're llyoe'e iivanofu a w h th glle ive you an idea of how the rains are swirling around the low pressure, up to the north and east. very cool with the clouds ivand
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the showers. baltimore, 62. frederick, 63; here in the city, we're sit sitting in the mid-60s and this is basically your forecast on through. this is not the forecast, but we're talking about showers lingering the next six to eight hours and comes to an end and then looks like the trend will get better as we head into the weekend and looks like by sunday, going to be real, real nice. >> that was your ticket to come up and joins on the set. we'll see you soon, gary, thanks. and that big concert in honor of the king of pop cancelled. organizers need more time to put the michael jackson tribute together. it was being billed as a global tribute with stars like mary j. blige and chris brown performing. tickets were already being sold for up to 8 hundred dollars a pop. now, they say the show won't go on until next summer and will take place in london. a ldstuenstent and teacher lost their lis in the 9/11 t terror attacks. 8 years later, what is being
5:21 pm
done to honor their memories. and ellen might be idol's newest judge but she could be forced to face one first y. she's face theing a lawsuit tonight when fox 5 news at 5 comes back. 
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>> the gather -- gaithersburg trojans came up ahead by 21 votes. >> that is a lot. now time for the action on the field getting soaked out. there how are you doing? >> reporter: you are lucky to be out there in this warm, dry weather. i'm doing good. it's soggy out here. i got out to wooten high school at 4:00 and there is a steady rainfall coming down since. the football field looking good. however, i won't count on that after four actions, four quarters of football action. i'm here for a reason. our third game-of-the-week. it's wooten versus
5:25 pm
gaithersburg. you talked about a 21-vote separating. the kickoff not until 6:30. we have a treat for you. we have the band, poms and cheerleaders to get us the kickoff started. go ahead, guys. [ cheering ] ♪ ♪7 ♪ ♪ [ cheering ] >> reporter: all right, this is -- to the wooten band and the cheerleaders. don't go away, coming up in 20 minutes, we'll have something special. i'll send it back to you where it's -- [ indiscernible ] all right, good stuff. at least you have an umbrella.
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the band players don't have anything. >> it's just rain. >> i know. check it out. the holiday shopping season mean months away but why wait to scope out the year's best deals? we have got your black friday sales. the first lady is calling a local college campus into action. the promise michelle obama is making to gw tonight. and it's been eight years since terror attacks rocked want country to its core. where is osama bin laden and how strong is al qaeda? keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 will be right bac
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5:30 pm
the drill itself looked ominous. look here. four boats, guns drawn, circling between the memorial and 14th street bridges. reagan national airport grounded flights for 20 minutes while this was going on. the local and state authorities are not notified when the drills take place typically but the coast guard vice admiral is looking into why the drill happened today. for americans in the world, terrorist attacks instantly bring to mind al qaeda behind and osama bin laden's not behind. eight years later, the manhunt is still on and the question remains where is bin laden? here's an inside look. [gunfire] >> reporter: eight years after 9/11, u.s. intelligence officials believe that osama bin laden and al qaeda number two al-zawahri are in the pakistani tribal area thanks to the safe haven provided by their taliban hosts. the security forces have been hitting the base the last few weeks and this after a cia strike killed their leader last
5:31 pm
month. many pakistanis believe the deadly attack here on islamabad's marriott hotel last september 20th to be their 9/11. the pakistani government blames the truck bombing on a local al qaeda linked to terror group. can al qaeda still strike the u.s. from the base here? >> al qaeda is in much smaller numbers now. these people used to be in hundreds if not thousands in the valleys when we strike them, maybe in 2002 and '3 and '4. >> reporter: some think they're on the run in pakistan. >> these are normal safe havens, even if they're havens. they're not safe anymore for them. >> reporter: a pakistani-based journalist, the last to interview osama bin laden 9 weeks before 9/11, said he has seen evidence al qaeda is recruiting and training terrorists in the pakistani tribal areas and along the border in afghanistan. >> clearly shows that al qaeda is still, or even the groups there. still, they have the training facilities and still they can
5:32 pm
really recruit and still they can train people. >> reporter: but al qaeda is logistically dependent on the taliban local hosts. the taliban have threatened and never carried out a terror attack in the west with the increase in u.s. drone accuracies and the taliban disarray, they think now is the time to strike the taliban hard, cutting off that logistical support for al qaeda. >> we should keep the pressure intensified so that, you know, they're really either eliminated or captured. >> reporter: the taliban can and most likely will strike again in pakistan. american eyes will be focused on how the government responds to that threat and the promise to wipe out the taliban and with them, the safe hiding places for the al qaeda guests. a memorial to the victims of 9/11 overseas in a war zone. about a thousand american troops in afghanistan went out on what they call an act of defiance. a 5 1/2-mile run in memory of the victims.
5:33 pm
forensic -- [ indiscernible ] afghanistan is the focal point of the war on terror as the troops fight to beat back the taliban. a show of endurance at home to reflect on the september 11th attacks. cadets fromest point are walking a four-mile loop around the national mall today, starting at midnight and will continue until midnight tonight. they expect to walkabout 50 miles by the time they're all done. they say anyone is welcome to join them and walk for as long as you like. ♪ god bless america land they love ♪ >> patriotic music and a special color guard, part of the september 11th remembrance in alexandrea and they honored the call to make the day a national day of service. at this this ceremony, city leaders paid tribute to the american red cross, volunteer alexandrea and united way. a teacher and one of her students in northeast from buckus middle school were killed in the 9/11 attack. >> baucus is still closed and that didn't stop the tributes in their honor. people returned to the school
5:34 pm
for a memorial. sherri ly looks at how they're being remembered. >> reporter: they came with rakes, shovels and flowers to bring the 9/11 memorial back to life. and pay respects to a student and a teacher from bkus middle school who died. >> been here today. it's hot, my heart dropped. seeing the names on the memorial, it brought a flood of emotions. with the place closed, on students joined the health department to spruce it up as part of the 9/11 national day of service and remembrance. >> they get to remember, you know, those who lost their lives. i think it's more real. remember this longer than hearing about it in the classrooms. >> reporter: they were aboard american airlines flight 77. headed to california for a field trip when it crashed into the pentagon. if will notice, the flowers are
5:35 pm
yellow, like a yellow ribbon tide around the tree making sure the victims are remember remembered. >> i hope whatever they do to the school, they don't remove this memorial. it's meaningful to us here in this community. >> reporter: backus middle school is part of la salle backus education campus, which planted roses in memory of the late teacher and student. it's being called teacher dreams. >> i think people reaching out to embrace them and their memories, i think it meant a great deal to the families, communities, the schools, everyone. >> reporter: at the old middle school, this new larger plaque will put the finishing touch on the restored memorial. >> our dedication to just -- by the people. after finishing their work, the students took a moment to remember who brought them here. in northeast, sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> go to for more. remembering the september 11th
5:36 pm
attacks. we have monday humidities of mournings from around the nation. the latest on coast guard training that led to a security scare and you can share your thoughts as l. she's bound for the "american idol" judge's bench and could be forced to face a judge first. why ellen's being sued next. plus, high radiation levels not the only thing. your favorite techis to. how about injuries to your elbow. what doctors are saying about that still ahead. 
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>> well, ellen degeneres has a new job on "american idol." her show is fighting a lawsuit. some of the world's largest record companies said the ellen she is not paying for licenses to play their music. she claims the talk show used more than 1,000 songs without permission. the court papers say the record companies called the ellen she
5:40 pm
to ask why and they were told we don't roll that way. we were more than two months away from the busiest shopping year. we have some idea of what might be on sale. said you will be able to get computers like a linux net-- notebook for 199, a blu-ray player for $49 and h dtvs for $900 you could find a basic gps system they say for under $70 and look fortravel deals, too, to get away after the holiday. continuing our coverage of the 9/11 anniversary. on the news edge at 6, a vigil at the white house tonight and you might be surprised who is behind it. plus, scottie coffee's back updeathous today's coast guard kerfuffle, a training exercise causing panic along the potomac. all hands on deck. not so fast. d.c.'s crime-fighting initiative is shut down. and a pimp and prostitute and hidden camera. some of you may have heard this before. because you have it. this is in a d.c. a.c.o.r.n.
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office tonight. ahead at 6. bacon and cheese angus third pounder.
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>> a callfo action from first lady michelle obama telling students at george washington university that she's promising if they will perform 100,000 hours of community service during this school year, she will speak at their graduation in may. she's making the pledge on dws annual freshman pledge of service. and to the high school game of the week, the fans voted on which games they wanted in the spotlight. >> by 21 votes, the gaithersburg trojans and the wooten patriots are the winners. lindsay murphy has pregame action. >> reporter: how are you doing in we're wet and soggy. overall, doing good. 45 minutes away from kickoff, as you said. over 2500 people voted on this game and wooten won by 21 votes. keep voting online at
5:45 pm every week if you want this to be your school. gaithersbg and wooten, the last two times, gaithersburg won the game and they're fresh off a play-off and they have a new winning attitude around here. to get the wning attitude started right, we have the cheerleaders, the pom squad and band to take us away. >> whew! [ cheering ] ♪ one, two three, four, five, six, seven. ♪ ♪
5:46 pm
>> reporter: as you can see, a lot of good stuff going on here. kickoff for this game not until 6:30. we'll have highlights from the game-of-the-week coming up. stick around and we'll talk about the redskinas they prepare for the giants and, of course, the steelers-titans game from last night. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, lindsay. waiting all week for the rain and get here. lindsay gets the brunt of it out there. >> i know. >> we were talking about how this week is has him build us. >> yeah? >> it was a matter of wait and see kind of what happens and i hate to say that, sometimes you're kind of at the mercy of the old mother nature out there. yeah. >> and it's drying out a bit. we're kind of getting a northwest wind around this area of low pressure and it's dragging in some drier air and
5:47 pm
you can just get a sense that the clouds are thinning out there. i am not sure what direction. but there might be bit of brighthopefully into the weeken that will be the case. notice the wind, too. the wind has been gusting over 20 miles an hour. starting with max hd radar. this is live radar going round and around. the rain we have has diminished and what we end up with is light temperature, maybe moderate rainfall. most of that is to the east- northwest, pasadena, severna park with a shower there and light showers through the northern sections of the
5:48 pm
district and up 270. lindsay out there with the game of the week and her umbrella. if you're heading out and b keep the umbrella handy the next few hours. i think there is going to be a chance we could have a few showers here or there, primarily from the district to the northwest and northwest. where you're seeing the rain now is where it's going to be, a chance of. that now, we're going to show you rainfall totals today. the last 24 hours and look at how heavy it's been off to the east of us. this is doppler estimated. it's not like it's perfect but fairly precise here. you can see eight-inch totals, amazeing to the east of us and into delaware, the rainfall totals between 2 and three inches of rain. in the district, a half an inch or so and the farther north and west, limited amounts and south of town. southwest of town. back to the central and southwestern virginia. they barely had any rainfall at all. the area of low pressure is very concentrated rainfall package around it and it's still sitting and swirling. the forecast for the evening and overnight in the first part of tomorrow, still some showers at 11:00 and most of that district to the north. mostly clouds tomorrow morning and sunshine. we should get into some fair amounts of sunshine tomorrow and i still think it's going to be limited, more than we have had most of the week and temperatures by noon with
5:49 pm
sunshine into the lower 70s tomorrow and in the 60s now, again, around the area of low pressure with the clouds and rain. we've only been able to be into the 60s. farther north the cooler you get. in fredericksburg, sunshine and rain. their temperatures haveeen in the mid-70s and harrisonburgt 77 miles per hour. 77 degrees. this is the package of rainfall around the area of low pressure and notice, of course, you can see the heaviest of it stayed to the north of us into southern pennsylvania and right along the northern sections of maryland. you don't have to get too far to the south and west before it was dry and there was a lot of sunshine. it looks like this area of low pressure is going kind of m meander to the north of us and possibly right back out to the east and the southeast, back over the ocean. he's our max hd future cast. gives you an idea. tonight at 5:00, basically right now, doing a good job painting where the rainfall is and as we go through the
5:50 pm
overnight and tomorrow morning, we're talking about cloudiness here and through the day. again, tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. still a chance for a few spotty showers. locks like that will happen in the afternoon hours and go through the remainder of the week. things are better sunday and into sunday evening, looking nicer into the first part of next week, looks better, too. we have to get rid of the area of low pressure. 65 tonight in the city; 62 for centreville and gaithersburg. there will be 50s out there as well and for the day tomorrow, we start off with a lot of clouds and sunshine for noon. more sunshine by late in the day and we're also going have a chance of spotty showers as well and not going to be a completely dry saturday by any means. it does look like it will improve greatly on sunday with a lot of sunshine and that will help temperatures get up into the lower 80s and mid-80s by monday. tuesday and it does look like most of next week. looks pretty good. not a perfect weekend, but
5:51 pm
certainly nothing like today. okay. >> turn the air back on. >> you will need to. the temperatures will be back up above normal. >> thank you, gain. so what is in a number? an arkansas couple welcomed a new baby girl into their lives on wednesday. making her birthday 9/9/09. the baby girl joins her big sister who was born on august 8th last year, yes, making hear birthday 8/8/08 and the new born baby's name is molly reid with nine letters and big sister's name is campbell, eight letters. seems these days everyone has a cell phone. can be a disruption on the road. now, doctors say too much chatting on your cell can be a real pain. fox's cindy michaels has more on the concerns. >> reporter: it's called cubeital tunnel send room or cell phone elbow, a problem caused by too much bending of the elbow which puts pressure on the ulnar nerve. it's not a new medical problem
5:52 pm
but a old one now elevated by the invention of a cell phone. >> crush on your elbow when driving at the car, can do it sitting at the table, computer work. any number of things. the use of cell phones has become so ubiquitous, we're seeing more cases from it. >> reporter: while talking on the phone, the ulnar nerve gets pinched into the groove of the elbow when it bends. >> i -- cell phone elbow, people talk on the phone for a long time. they don't stop talking to the phone to do other things. so, the you goation is the problem -- the duration is the problem. >> reporter: bending the elbow for prolonged periods of time can lead to pain. >> that nerve is going to give you sensation to your hand, primarily to this side of your hand, called ulnar hand, pinky, half the ring finger. both sides of the palm, but also can give you weakness. >> reporter: the doctor said get off the phone and stretch
5:53 pm
out your arm if you experience these symptoms. >> people need to listen to the body, change positions and stay physically active. >> reporter: not moderating the usof the elbow can lead to more serious problems and need for surgery. >> witenough during a, you can cause damage and perhaps furtherer -- . [ indiscernible ] other than simply stopping, stopping cell phone use. >> reporter: several minutes of numbness is normal. if you start feeling tingling and pain for weeks, see a doctor. he said electric diagnostics can be done on the nerve to determine how damaged it is. our service men and women make the ultimate sacrifice, laying their lives on thline every day to keep this country safe. >> what about the sacrifices their families make? the national day of service is delivering comfort to children in need coming up next. bu the washington post calls bob mcdonnell a "culture warrior." and what does that mean for virginia? it means: bob mcdonnell introduced 35 bills
5:54 pm
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have you heard about miralax? miralax relieves constipation with no bloating. no cramping. no sudden urgency. announcer: only miralax is clinically proven to work like that. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. >> a day of sorrow turned into
5:57 pm
a day of service around the district today o. this 9/11 national day of service and remembrance, more than 100 volunteers showed up to help children whose parents are serving our country overseas. fox 5s karen gray houston takes a look at what they accomplished. >> reporter: a half million troops deployed to iraq and afghanistan left children behind. these are pictures of some of those service women and men lovingly captured family photos imprinted on fabric made into quilts. at rfk stadium an assembly line of volunteers turned out tcut squares of materials. sew them together, iron them to give to d.c. area children who this september 11th are missing their parents. >> really important time to remember to remember all the people who gave their lives that day. >> we came in to give back to the community and know help out the young children who don't have the parents who went across overseas or might be fighting. >> reporter: 2-year-old nathan
5:58 pm
knows his daddy when he sees him. the pictures drew tears from nathan's mother. and applause from an army of volunteers who helped to make this quilt. a typical reaction, according to mike landers. his armed services ymca sponsors operation kid comfort. he said kids get pretty attached to the quilts. the mom has to physically sneak into the bedroom at night and take it away and wash it overnight so it's bank on the bed the next morning. >> reporter: the quilts are a labor of love from volunteers who understand our troops are making the ultimate sacrifice. it's hard for her 2-year-old to understand why his father is gone. for several weeks after leaving, he was asking where did daddy go? i explained to him he had to help people for a long time. he'll be back and misses his daddy. >> reporter: this d is gentle reminder that there is a family behind every person serving in the u.s. military.
5:59 pm
these operation kid xp eec--tedt tsil t ecxp etoected to be family keepsakes forever. at rfk stadium, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> volunteers today included non-profit groups like greater descares and a -- d.c. cares and a host of partnerships. the news edge at 6 starts right now. >> lewis b.frocini. >> michael david -- . >> from new york to d.c. to a field in rural pennsylvania. americans painfully reliving the day that changed this country forever. it's now eight years since terrorists targeted the united states killing nearly 3,000 people and for the first time since the attacks, a new commander in chief is leading the country in mourning. president obama joining victims' families today for a so


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